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Volume 15
Issue 3
Online publication date 2015-10-16
Title New trend of education in Kazakhstan: English as the medium of instruction
Author Aigerim Seitzhanova, Roman Plokhikh, Ruslan Baiburiev, Antonina Tsaregorodtseva
Abstract Joining of Kazakhstan to the Bologna three-cycle system increased significantly the number of programs taught in English language. There are about 40 universities which have special groups, where English is used as the medium of instruction and it makes more than 30% from total educational program. Quantity of the Bachelor, Master and PhD programs are growing dramatically. Some universities see an opportunity to attract a wider range of students or feel that EMI strengthens offer to those students who believe studying in English will make them more employable. EMI can be seen as a threat to the status and development of the local language. On the other hand, EMI can also be treated as an opportunity. This article offers review of issues related with applying EMI in Kazakhstan  HEIs.
Dearden, J., 2014. English as a medium of instruction - a growing global phenomenon. University of Oxford, Interim report, April

State program, 2011. State program for languages' development and functioning in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020,  Astana, 2011

State cultural project, 2007. State cultural project "The trinity of languages”, Almaty

Keywords Education, English as the medium of instruction (EMI), Kazakhstan
Pages 113-116
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