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Volume 15
Issue 3
Online publication date 2015-10-16
Title New Public-Private Partnership Management idea in manufacturing business
Author Krasimir Nikolov, Tsvetana Stoyanova
In the 21st century the manufacturing business has a lot of possibilities in using of the recycling process. The Public-Private Partnership business model can improve the recycle business. The core challenge is a creation of a new PPP business manufacturing model especially in the recycling business. The purpose of the article is the reasoning for a new PPP business model referring to an idea about new PPP recycle-manufacturing business mechanism. The article suggests creation of the business model BLoOO (build - lease operational - own - operate) and advocates it as the decision for improvement a manufacturing business. 
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Keywords Strategy, public-private partnership, mechanism, manufacturing, management, recycling, plant, special purpose vehicle
Pages 95-103
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