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Volume 15
Issue 4
Online publication date 2015-12-17
Title The third mission of Polish universities: Theory and practice
Author Jolanta Buczek, Pawel Modrzynski
Polish universities have three missions to fulfill: education, research activities, and building relationships with the environment. This paper addresses issues related to the implementation of the last two, with emphasis on the collaboration between universities and the environment. 

The scientific research market is comprised of universities (supply), business enterprises (demand) and the regulatory sector. Hence, the presented study first contains a brief description of the parties active in the research market, complemented by a practical look at the commercialization of research results. The authors conducted interviews with university faculty, who are professionally engaged in the commercialization of research. Internal procedures were analyzed, as well as strategies and regulations in force in this area. As a result of these interviews and analyses  a catalog was generated of  methods and strategies of commercialization of research and barriers that inhibit this process. The main conclusion of analyses is that Polish science and development policy is tasked with stimulation of activity of all the respective interest groups in the scientific research market, i.e. private entities in the financing of the R&D sector and the motivation of universities as well. Further improvements in legislative, educational, financial and fiscal solutions remain key challenges in Poland. 

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Keywords Innovation, intangible assets, research and development, technological innovation
Pages 137-147
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