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Volume 16
Issue 1
Online publication date 2016-04-19
Title Currency arbitrage as a tool of corporate financial management
Author Marek Zaboj
The paper is focused on using of currency (foreign exchange) arbitrage. Given the possibility of obtaining financial capital in different currencies, possible doing business with currency exchange office and other services for foreign tourists, the currency arbitrage seems to be one of the opportunities to increase economic efficiency of disposable capital in business subjects. The main goal of this paper is proposal of a new approach to foreign arbitration process with reference to the generally applicable rules in the relationship between exchange rates and places of purchase or sale of foreign currency. On the real example will be then proved this thesis. Partial aim is through mathematical derivation to determine the level of costs, from which the given operation will be profitable.
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Keywords Currency arbitrage, exchange rate, quotation, price difference, disparity
Pages 21-36
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