Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 16
Issue 1
Online publication date 2016-04-19
Title Ecological and eco-innovative activities of the Banks
Author Bogna Janik, Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk
The main objective of our study is to identify and assess some chosen aspects of ecological and eco-innovative activities of the banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and included in WIG Banks index. The scope of this analysis encompasses selected dimensions illustrating banks’ activities in terms of environmental care. These activities also include the identification of eco-innovations being implemented. The analysis of the investigated dilemma was based mainly on the desk research of digital and documentary sources, whereas survey data analysis was used as a supplementary method. The results indicate relatively high differences across environmental care and, in some cases, even lack of any activities. Having that considered, we have identified relatively low eco-innovativeness of the examined banks, mainly product eco-innovations. 

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Keywords Eco-innovation, ecology, innovation, sustainability, stock exchange
Pages 13-20
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