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Volume 16
Issue 2
Online publication date 2016-07-19
Title Regional development and logistic centers: A Turkish experience
Author Neslihan Turguttopbas
Mainly two aims are set for this study, the firstly to give insight about the theories of geographic economics and the second is to identify the benefits of the establishment of a logistics center to economy by using a case of setting of a trailer park in the border of East Turkey. It is thought that the first aim is realized, however the lack of statistical data of Turkey on the basis of cities, even regions, constituted a very critical constraint to the analysis for the second aim. The analysis is realized by employing the available substitute data and the results of the analysis did not indicate any significant improvement in the economic indicators of the region. The reasoning of the finding may be the type of logistics establishment. A more comprehensive infrastructural investment is required for considerable decline in transportation costs.
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Keywords Geography economics, regional development, location theory
Pages 89-103
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