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Volume 16
Issue 2
Online publication date 2016-07-19
Title Problems of tourists on pilgrimage tourism in Tamil Nadu
Author S. Jeyakumar, S. Rajaram
Abstract The present study has been undertaken from the point of view of tourist. An attempt is made to analyse the problems of pilgrimage tourism in Tamil Nadu and concentrates on the various pilgrimages places and attitude of tourists regarding problems of pilgrimage. This study is limited to the temples of Hindu religion in Tamil Nadu. This study also compares the international tourists and domestic tourists regarding pilgrimage tourism in Tamil Nadu. For the purpose of this study, ten pilgrimage tourist places have been selected, by adopting lottery method. For this study, purposive sampling method was used by the researcher for collecting primary data. The survey was conducted among 800 domestic and 300 foreign tourists. The sample tourists were selected from ten pilgrimage places in Tamil Nadu.

Keywords Pilgrimage, tours, India, Tamil Nadu
Pages 104-115
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