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Volume 17
Issue 2
Online publication date 2017-07-10
Title Approaches to evaluating public scientific organizations: Experience of leading countries and possibility of using them in Russia
Author Anna Maltseva, Igor Monakhov
The article aims at revealing the features and approaches in the auditing of public research institutions in the leading EU member states - Germany and France. To achieve that goal the authors provide a comparative analysis of the assessment systems of scientific organizations in the countries mentioned. The choice of focusing on Germany and France was made because French and German research institutions had held leading positions in the international ratings of scientific organizations. The study reveals the common features of the evaluation system of scientific organizations in France and Germany, including the predominance of qualitative expertise carried out by international experts over the quantitative ones, based on the measurable indicators, as well as their distinctive features. In conclusion the authors give recommendations on the possibilities of using the strengths of the European research evaluation systems in Russia.
Keywords Scientific organization, research evaluation system, France, Germany, Russia, public sector
Pages 61-76
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