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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title Modern aspects of public private partnership
Author Milos Milosavljevic, Sladjana Benkovic
Development of infrastructure is essential presumption for growth and development of relevant economic entities.The empirical evidence of private initiative importance and potentials in the establishment of cooperation with the public sector in infrastructure projects financing and operation refocused professional and academic attention on the studies of this phenomenon. The realm of the public private partnership (PPP) became scientifically treated as an interdisciplinary skill based mostly on project financing, whilst practically it became almost mandatory method for economic prosperity. Practical problems in implementation appeared due to lack of knowledge and nonsystematic approach in researches of private public partnership. This paper presents theoretical and practical directions for actors in this cooperation, scoping for mobilization of assets and energy for development and facilitation, and advancing of project investments efficiency.  
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Keywords Infrastructure, public private partnership, hybrid public private partnership models.
Pages 25-28
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