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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title The role of intangible assets in value creation: case of Russian companies
Author Tatiana Garanina
The paper is devoted to the question of the role of intangible assets in value creation of companies  in the economy of the XXI century. The main research objective is to define the impact of fundamental value of both tangible and intangible assets on the market value of companies. Evaluation of intangible assets is based on residual operating income (REOI) model. In the focus of the research there is a sample of Russian companies. The model was tested on the whole sample of the companies, and then separately on each of five industries: mechanical engineering, extractive industry, power engineering, communication services, and metallurgy.   
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Volkov, D., Garanina T., 2007. “Intangible assets: importance in the knowledge-based economy and the role in value creation of a company”, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, Special issue, ECKM Conference Barcelona, Vol.5, Issue 4
Keywords Intangible assets, value-based management, residual operating income, management.
Pages 92-94
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