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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title Ethnic marketing possibilities and its ethics issues
Author Annamaria Sas, Agota Kozma
This paper focuses on the possibilities of ethnic marketing and its ethic connections. The differences found in our face-to-face interviews and analysing questionnaire data will provide opportunities for Hungarian  small enterprises. 
Targeting ethnic groups for marketing purposes results in ethical difficulties. In Hungary, ethnic marketing is yet an inexperienced concept. Based on these ideas the authors examine the ins and outs of using ethnic marketing in case of Germans in Hungary. Consumers with German ethnic attitude really want German products and brands. At the same time, enterprises have to emphasise the products’ “Germanness” and character in a better/stronger way because this can help for better consumer  decision making. 
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Keywords Ethnic marketing, ethics, identity, segmentation
Pages 95-97
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