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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title The characteristics of poverty in Serbia
Author Dobrodolac Tinde
Abstract Half of the global population is regarded as poor to the extent that the very lives of a large number of people are endangered. Poverty is a multi-dimensional worldwide problem of modern society. In addition to similarities with other countries in transition, Serbia shows some specific features. The Government of Serbia adopted the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in 2003.
Minić V., Ajduković G., 2006. „Siromaštvo kao ključni problem Srbije u tranzicionim procesima“ [Poverty as a key problem of Serbia in transition processes], Collection of papers: Tehnologija, kultura i razvoj [Techology, culture and development] issue 13, Belgrade, Technology and Society Association, Tehnologija i društvo, pp.247-256

The Republic Statistical Office, Household consumption survey, Begrade, 2005

The Government of Serbia, National Millennium Development Goals in the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, 2006

The Republic Statistical Office (1997), Empirical consumer goods basket and living standard indicators, 2001-2006, Bulletin 470, Belgrade, (accessed September 3, 2008).
The government of Serbia, Poverty Reduction Strategy for Serbia, Belgrade, , (accessed September 3, 2008)

The Government of Serbia, The Second Report on the Implementation of the PRS in Serbia, Belgrade, (accessed September 3, 2008)

Keywords Poverty, sustainable development, poverty reduction strategy, transition
Pages 109-111
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