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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title Methodology of nomadic culture research: problems and innovations
Author Aimkul Erzhanova
Abstract Contemporary interest to the nomad culture of Kazakh people is result of overcoming closeness and elitism in knowledge of national history and culture. It is also reflection of desire to get rid of labels and stereotypes of soviet history science as well. The paper doubts the capacity of formational and civilized theoretical concepts, rooted in European historiography, in objective studying the nomadic culture: within these methodologies the interpretations of nomadic culture  results from Western system of values The author emphasizes that in the study of the nomad culture and history of the Kazakh people during a difficult transition period (18th - beginning of the 2oth century) the value-based concepts are more applicable. Such approach describes the nomadic culture as a specific  independent cultural system, containing its own values.
Keywords Nomadism, the problems and innovations in methodology of research of nomadism, concept of formation,civilization, of axiology approach.
Pages 126-128
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