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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title The benefits of advanced traffic management received by the urban users
Author Daniela Koltovska, Kristi Bombol
Abstract Despite the flow fluctuations and increased traffic demand in Macedonian cities in the last fifteen years, Republic of Macedonia is one of those countries which still employ only the traditional systems of traffic management and control. A general call for “…something has to be done…” becomes obvious. The best practices have shown that this can be realized through unconventional solutions, i.e. by means of advanced traffic management (ATM). A very reasonable example of such a system is the vehicle actuated control system that we have found to be quite challenging to do our research. It was concluded that the overall intersection performance could be improved both by adequate inductive loop detector placement and by interaction with signal parameters.
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Keywords Advanced traffic management, signalized intersection, semi-actuated control, inductive loop detectors, benefits.
Pages 143-145
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