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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2009-12-07
Title Researching the possibilities of the pectolytic ensyme biosynthesis with the aspergillus species of microscopic fungi
Author Kiro Mojsov
Abstract For the purpose of acquiring a highly active producer of pectolytic enzymes, there was a probe of isolating 140 species of Aspergillus’s fungi from different substrates (soils, grape malts, grapes, apples and sugar beet shreds). The isolated kinds of fungi were kept on a slant agar surface according to Chapek, with 2% of pectin. Testing was performed on the isolated layers of fungi as to the production of pectinolytic enzymes. The nourishing base used was  the synthetic Chapek base with 2% pectin,  2% lactose and 0.7 % (NH4)2HPO4, and a natural base  of 1% refuse apple pulp. Within 48 hours after cultivating the fungi, the filtrates were tested by the viscozimetric method to determine their entire pectolytic activity. The acquired results showed that a fungus was gained with a high pectolytic activity on a natural refuse apple pulp. It is a good employment effect. The selected sort Aspergillus sp.МК-15 as a highly active producer of pectolytic enzymes could, with additional testing, be used for the industrial production of microbe enzymes with pectolytic activity (enzyme preparations).
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Keywords Biosynthesis, pectolytic enzymes, apple pulp, Aspergillus.
Pages 146-148
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