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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title The minimis aid, a possible alternative for supplementing the budgets of SMEes for enhancing competitiveness through the capacity of innovation - the Romanian case
Author Florin Tudor
Abstract The latest Scoreboard of the European Commission regarding the state aid shows that the Member States are using increasingly more opportunities offered by EU rules on state aid. This paper comes to clarify the benefits of accessing the minimis aid by traders, as capital contributions, guarantees, risk capital measures in the innovation process, to create a new product, introducing a new method of manufacturing, entering in a new market or creating a new market, calling for a new raw material.
COM, 2009. Report From The Commission, State Aid Scoreboard Report on State aid granted by the EU Member States

SEC, 2009. Commission Staff Working Document, Accompanying the Report From The Commission Aid Scoreboard, 1638

Keywords Innovation, the minimis aid, financial crisis, competitiveness.
Pages 45-48
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