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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title Strengthening of innovation activity at the cotton ginning industry in Uzbekistan
Author Muzaffarkhodja Tillyakhodjaev
Abstract Modernization of the companies engaged to primary cotton manufacturing represents some example of consequential innovative activities. Rapid growth of cotton ginning industry provides substantial positive influence on efficient operations of other adjacent industries of the national economy in Uzbekistan. The paper suggests ways to strenthen innovation activity in the industry to provide increase its competiveness and develop export capaity of economy in general.
On the program of modernization and reconstruction of the cotton ginning industry enterprises in 2007-2011, The Decree of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 03.04.2007, N70 

Primary raw cotton processing, 2002. Tashkent, Mehnat

Technological regulations of the cotton processing, 2007. Tashkent, Mehnat

Tillyakhodjaev, M., 2009. Economic problems of the development of the cotton ginning industry in conditions of the market economy, Tashkent, Fan va tehnologiya

Keywords Cotton ginning industry, output, innovation.
Pages 52-53
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