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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title Modelling of marketing strategies for the single markets vs marketing strategy for the global market: Case study mobiExplore
Author Neven Seric, Maljic Vinko, Mate Perisic
Abstract A successful treating of a single, national, market through new challenges of marketing management is notably different than treating of the global market. The paper provides the case study of Gideon Multimedia, IT firm from Croatia. The company’s main product is mobiExplore, touristic guide platform for mobile phones. The application could be adapted to different marketplaces - global and national, for different countries. Because of different dynamic of the growth of national mobile markets even the global marketing strategy for the mobiExplore applications needs to be adapted to each national case. Establishing of the national strategy needs to be adapted through market research of the local market. The paper argues that customized for UK market mobiExplore solutions has proved correct and intdicate on advantages of the company’s marketing strategies for singl market.
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Keywords Marketing, strategies, product, tourism, mobiExplore.
Pages 63-65
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