Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title Training centers of a new type
Author Roza Rakhmanbaeva
Abstract Necessity for innovative production development sets the new requirements for content, organization, forms and methods of management activity. Non-traditional tasks faced by the present system of human resources management require the similar type of non-traditional methodological approaches and tools for social diagnosis, training and management of people in new situations. Therefore special attention should be also given to development of new type training centers that act as concentration of continuous training through forming the networks of comparative analysis and detecting the best practice.
Armstrong, M., 2008. Practice of human resources management, 8th edition, St. Petersburg

CEEMAN, 1999. The international research project on “Assessing Management Training Needs in CEE Countries at the Achieved Level of Transition”, Central and East European Management Development Association

Goncharov, М., 2006. Bases of management in education, Мoscow, KNORUS
Keywords Innovating education, human resource, development of management, education centers.
Pages 103-104
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