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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title Reliability assessment and measures for resource-saving in water lifting engine systems in Uzbekistan
Author Oleg Glovatsky, Rustam Ergashev, Slavica Grujic, Bakhtier Uralov, Holmatzhan Isakov
Abstract The paper observes the current state of water pumping stations in Uzbekistan. More than 50% of irrigated land is provided with machine water lifting systems in the country. However, more than 50% of pumping aggregates and constructions have used up their capacities that leads to high operational expenses of energy. The authors suggest develop energy- and resource saving technologies. As they suggest the resource saving model assumes first and foremost the increase in stability and efficiency of operation of all elements of hydraulic engineering.
Гловацкий, О., Исаков, Х., 2003. Экологические аспекты реконструкции систем машинного водоподъема, в: Экологическая устойчивость и передовые подходы к управлению водными ресурсами в бассейне Аральского моря, Алматы, 2003

Гловацкий, О., 1989. “Опыт эксплуатации и оценка надежности элементов гидротехнического узла насосных станций”, Гидротехническое строительство, No.9

Keywords Material-technical and energy resources, pumping stations, pumping aggregates, machine water lifting systems.
Pages 118-120
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