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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-02-10
Title The coefficient analysis of magnetic circuit and load influence on inductor in cylindrical heating system
Author Alexander Kislov
Abstract The article examines the quantitative ratio describing influence of magnetic circuit on the  inductor. Interrelation coefficient between magnetic circuit and inductor is studied at different geometrical properties in the heating system.
Круг, К., Даревский, А., Зевеке, Г. и др., 1952. Основы электротехники, М.-Л., Госэнергоиздат

Торопов, И., 1964. “Экранирование индукционных тигельных печей”, . Научно-технический сб., “Электротермия”, Вып.31

Keywords Influence coefficient, magnetic circuit, inductor, quantitative ratio.
Pages 121-124
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