Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 5
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-06-08
Title Business functions approach to innovative and non-innovative business comparison in Latvia
Author Sergejs Hilkevics, Dace Stefenberga
Abstract State system of innovative business support was created in Latvia during last years and the first conclusions about the efficiency of this system can be made at present time. To evaluate the efficiency of innovative business support system it is necessary to compare in some way innovative and non-innovative companies. The main task of this article is to provide the frame for innovative and non-innovative business comparison and describe on the base of this frame the main differences between innovative and non-innovative companies in Latvia at present time. The main result of investigation is the conclusion that at present time innovative business has certain advantages for development in Latvia, especially in regions, because the main weak point of innovative business - high risk - is oppressed by general business risk growing due to economic crisis
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Keywords Innovative business, business functions, regional economic development.
Pages 14-16
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