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Volume 5
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-06-08
Title Potential of production and trade of agricultural products in Uzbekistan
Author Umidakhon Mukhitdinova
Abstract The paper discusses issues of production and sale of agricultural products in Uzbekistan. Potential of agricultural market, both in terms of plant growing and livestock production, has not still reached its utilization level.    Achieved results and factors restraining further market growth are observed.
Abdullaev, I., De Fraiture, Sh. et al., 2009. “Agricultural water use and trade in Uzbekistan: Situation and potential,” impacts of market liberalization water resources development, Vol.25, No1, pp.47-63

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Rizaev, M., The economic reform and problems of development of agrarian and industrial complex of Uzbekistan, Tashkent: Khazina

Keywords Agriculture, production and consumption, potential, marketing of agricultural market.
Pages 45-46
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