Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 5
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-06-08
Title Design of the regions’ economic development strategy
Author Olga Patsuk
Abstract At present Russian economy is undergoing the same trends of the modern economic development, which take place in developed countries. These processes comprise globalization, advanced development of the service industries, post-industrial society formation, intellectual component expansion in the results of any industry, informatization of the society, running out of traditional sources of social and economic growth.  In such conditions search for new ways and factors of the regional self-development is critical.
Gaponenko, A., 1999. “Design of the territorial self-development,” In: Alekseev, Y., Shnilev, B. (Eds.), Region: Local self-development resources, М., Issue 8

Samofalova, Е., Kuzbozhev, E., Vertakova, Y. (Eds.), 2008. “State regulation of the national economy,” М.: KNORUS

Keywords Social and economic development of the territories, regional economy.
Pages 82-85
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