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Volume 5
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-06-08
Title Cost planning as the tool of regulation of natural monopolies
Author Raisa Adarina
Abstract The article considers cost planning methods in activity of the utility companies. Particular focus is given to features of two methods - cost-based planning of utility expenses and normative-based planning.  The author concludes that the optimal choice of method should count for the institutional factors (incomes of consumers, financial sustainability of utilities company, availability of supportive infrastructure), and nature of expenses (current or investment expenditures).
Алексеева, М., 2000.  Планирование деятельности фирмы. Финансы и статистика, Москва

Шаститко, А., 2000. Альтернативные формы экономической организации в условиях естественной монополии. Бюро экономического анализа, Москва

Keywords Public utilities, municipal economic, planning of cost, regulation.
Pages 86-88
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