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Volume 5
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-06-08
Title Application of solid-state fermentation for cellulase enzyme production using Trichoderma viride
Author Kiro Mojsov
Abstract The Solid-state fermentation (SSF) is alternative to submerged fermentation for production antibiotics, single cell protein, enzymes, organic acids, biofuel, etc. However, the advantages of SSF in various processes are found to be greater than in submerged fermentation. This technique not only decreases the cost of the process but also makes product cheaper for consumers. 
The paper describes experimental application of  SSF on wheat straw  for production of mycelia protein and cellulase enzymes by Trichoderma viride. This actual waste from agriculture industry was used as a nourishing base by Trichoderma viride in SSF for cellulase enzyme production. Growth and enzymes production by Trichoderma viride  were evaluated on wheat straw and alkali treatment wheat straw (wet processing). The growth of the microorganism (biomass content) shows maximum (123.44 mg/petri dish) on alkali treatment wheat straw compared (96.36 mg/petri dish) on wheat straw   during of 240 hours. The results obtained demonstrate that the wheat straw waste from agriculture industry can be used as inexpensive base (carbon source) for industrial production on cellulase enzymes by Trichoderma viride.
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Keywords Solid-state fermentation, Trichoderma viride, cellulase enzyme, wheat straw agrowaste, single cell protein.
Pages 108-110
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