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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Strategic vectors of food production development in Serbia in terms of the global crisis
Author Ruzica Milovanovic
Abstract The world economic crisis was a major factor that caused industrial production and trade over the globe decrease. It closed millions of working places and effected fear of political instability to spread even over the states that have been considered as stable. Economies all over the world face with wide range recessions, that will lead to the 3% to 7% GNP drop with respect to the last decade increasing trend.  In such uncertainty conditions, where authorities are not sure about crisis development and duration, banner task is imposed: uncertainty must be passed. In Serbian economy, good model for crisis overcoming is agriculture strategic development and especially within it, the safe food production. One of guidelines of Serbian agriculture development is modernization and change of production structure towards stronger market orientation and improvement of alimentary industry total efficiency. Increased productively technological restructuring achieving increased efficiency, as well as greater competitiveness at domestic and foreign markets should be based on economical, ecological and energy criterions. Also, applied scientific research papers should allow significant increase of size and competitiveness of Serbian agriculture production.
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Keywords Fod production, economic crisis, strategy, technological development, quality, ecological criterion.
Pages 12-14
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