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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Implementation of new forms of transnational investments in the current conditions of globalization: case of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Author Ubaydulla Nadirkhanov
Abstract Foreign direct investments (FDI) mostly occur in a form of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – about 90%; other two forms are joint venture and greenfield investment. Which form  is the most important and efficient one for various FDI-recipient countries? The choice of any form of transnational investment depends on very large scale of factors, as an economic development level of a country, aims and rate of economy’s transformation, national government policy, etc. For example, M&A as a form dominates in developed countries, in 90s Hungary succeeded to attract significant greenfield FDI volumes. Creating a joint venture appears as the most efficient form in attracting FDI in many developing and some of CIS countries. The paper examines the particularities of FDI trends in Uzbekistan
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Keywords Foreign direct investment, enterprises with foreign investment, acquisitions and mergers (A&M), joint ventures, greenfield investment, transnational corporations (TNC), FDI regulation, investment climate.
Pages 15-17
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