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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Creating multi-modal logistics centers: Prospect for development in Central Asia
Author Nodir Jumaniyazov
Abstract All we have witnessed several summits of the so-called G-20 to overcome the crisis and attempt to delineate the ”look” of new rules of the emerging new world economic system. However, according to many experts, these rules will not be able to radically change the current system of economic relations, which is based on the processes of globalization and economic interpenetration of the world. One can list the many elements of the system. Among them, as a manifestation of a growing specialization of production, and deepening of cooperative relations in the world the special role is played by multi-modal logistics centers (MLC), of both regional and global concern. If stock and commodity exchanges are the link in the global economy, meanwhile a multimodal logistics centers serve as their practical and technical support.
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Keywords Multi-modal logistics center, logistics industry, development, production chain, transport infrastructure.
Pages 21-23
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