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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Research into development potentialities of academic entrepreneurship in Poland
Author Aneta Sokol
Abstract The issue of academic entrepreneurship is becoming a more and more fashionable topic which functions on the research and business cooperation plane at the institutional level and business incubators supporting private ventures of students and research personnel. The interactions of universities with economy, business use of research projects results as well as the transfer of innovations and technologies are becoming the basis for the government’s strategy at the central, local, university management level and the object of activities for numerous organizations. Considering this context, the article discusses development potentialities of academic entrepreneurship in Poland. 
Academic entrepreneurship in Poland is regulated by the Act of 27, February 2005 - Law on Higher Education. Journal of  Laws 05.164.135

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Keywords Academic entrepreneurship, development.
Pages 38-40
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