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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title The role of investment in the efficiency of agriculture – case of Serbia
Author Milos Tosin
Abstract Investments are one of the main factors of agricultural development and agricultural development can be considered a function of investment. Agriculture, as one of the most important economic areas in Serbia is need of investments which can intensify agricultural production. The whole progress of humanity caused by the continuous separation of part of the surplus and its investment in the steady development of productive forces of every society, regardless of the mode of production and productive relations that govern it.
Radmanović, D., Potrebić, V., 2004. Kapitalna ulaganja u poljoprivredi Srbije i kretanje društvenog proizvoda, Kapital u poljoprivredi - tematski zbornik, str.41-46

Statistics Institute of the Republic of Serbia  (
Keywords Investment, agriculture, development.
Pages 64-65
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