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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title The models of prognosis of regional tourism’s development
Author Bahodirhon Safarov
Abstract The touristic activity is a profitable branch of the economy of Uzbekistan, in particular, of the Samarkand region. Therefore, many economists study future activity of this branch. The article observes types and methods of such prognosis. The most significant of them are the regressive equations and methods of Holt and Brown.
Bashina, O., 2002. The general theory of statistics, Moscow

Jumanov, I., 2004. The modeling of the processes of information’s treatment for the directive organs of the region. Samarkand

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Keywords Regional tourism, prognosis, modeling, economical-mathematical methods, destination, regressive equations, Holt’s model, Brown’s smoothing adaptive model.
Pages 80-83
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