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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Comparative analysis of the acquired clinical skills assessment of undergraduate medical students in a problem-based learning and traditional curricula
Author Zdravka Radionova, Petkana Hristova
Abstract The article describes the results from the comparative analysis of the acquired clinical skills’ assessment of undergraduate medical students in an innovative problem-based learning (PBL) and traditional curriculum. Attention is paid on the fact that even partially introduced in part of the early phases of the curriculum the PBL format of education has its impact on the future clinical functioning of the medical students. The PBL students performed better in comparison with their peers from the traditional track in regard to: the complete history taking as gathering data for the family history, available contacts with acute infectious diseases and known allergies to foods, drugs and other substances; and the use of more laboratory and other tests for building a diagnostic plan.
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Keywords Problem-based learning, clinical skills, assessment, undergraduate medical students, comparative analysis.
Pages 120-122
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