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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Impacts of the rehabilitation of drin river cascade on Albanian power system reliability
Author Marialis Celo
Abstract The subject of the paper is related with the effects of the implemented rehabilitation of the HPP’s at Drin River Cascade on reliability indices of generation reliability. These Project concerns four of the country’s hydropower stations, representing over half of the total installed capacity in Albania. The work presented in this paper concerns the revitalization of the generators at Fierza HPP. The intention is to assess the integrity of four hydrogenerators at Fierza and the impact of rehabilitation project to ensure acceptable reliability and availability of the plant.  The successful implementation of the project has contributed directly for a better water management in  terms of energy produced as well as for management of the big floods  that threaten the safety of population and dams in the surrounding area of the project.
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Keywords Generation efficiency, reliability, availability, security of supply.
Pages 142-146
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