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Volume 6
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-07
Title Studying of consumer features of the enriched soured cream
Author Klara Zharykbasova
Abstract The article presents the technology and performance quality of a new type of cream-enriched products of plant origin. Dietary fiber contained in a new form of sour cream cleanses the body of toxic elements, increases the immunity of a person.
Fattachova, I., Silantieva, A., 2009. “Law lactose fermented milk paste product,” Diary industry, No7, pp.54-55

Musina, O., 2007. “Cottage cheese products with grain or leguminous components,” Diary industry, No10, p.33

Shetinin, M., Motrunich, M., 2008. “Ice cream with multi components cereals content,” Diary industry, No1, pp.64-65

Keywords Milk, soured cream, sorbefacient features, rice, buckwheat, pearl-barley cereals.
Pages 147-148
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