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Volume 7
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-01-16
Title Enhancing the competitiveness of tourism in the republic of serbia using the cluster model
Author Biljana Stavljanin, Marinko Kresoja, Natasa Andric
Abstract The Republic of Serbia has the chance to raise its competitive strategy for growth, independently or with the support from the international community, by defining the development objectives and determining the economic structure. In this context, tourism represents an essential complex with untapped growth potential. Tourism is an economic sector of exceptional business opportunities. There are four touristic clusters in the country: Vojvodina, Belgrade region, South-Eastern Serbia and South-Western Serbia. The paper suggests cluster approach in considering ways to increase competitiveness of national tourism services.
Boljević, A., 2007. “Strategic planning as a decision-making about developments in the company,” School of Economics, Subotica

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Keywords Development, tourism, strategy, cluster, competitiveness.
Pages 40-42
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