Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

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Volume 7
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-01-16
Title Applying information technology elements in business: The case of Albania
Author Nevila Baci, Silvana Martini, Erjon Zoto
Abstract Albania has experienced a new development era in several sectors of the social and economic development in the last 20 years. Meanwhile, the latest trends made it a necessity for domestic businesses and institutions to adopt the new technologies and thus benefit from their vast advantages. This paper focuses on the application of ERP systems in the Albanian businesses, as it still remains an important challenge for the domestic entrepreneurs. The paper concludes that level of use for these systems is good, but problems arise when it comes to maintenance and knowledge.
Hakrama, I., Zoto, E., 2009. Ekonomiksi i shoqërisë së informacionit
Sevrani, K., Baci, N., Martini, S., 2009. “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a valuable tool for managers to improve the performance of organization.”

Keywords Information, technology, business, ERP
Pages 55-57
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