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Volume 7
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-01-16
Title Instructional Technologies and School Curriculum in Nigeria: Innovations and Challenges
Author Jacinta A. Opara, Nkasiobi S.Oguzor
Abstract The use of instructional materials in teacher training programs can provide significant input to the overall development of future teachers. Research shows that instructional materials in teacher training help student teachers to establish links between theory and practice by allowing them to make new connections between curriculum topics and the world. The new environment in which colleges develop in Nigeria has made the quality of teaching one of the main concerns and objectives. This paper discusses how to assist teachers in using instructional materials in order to help them to acquire theoretical knowledge, grounded in real practice. The paper attempts to explain the features of instructional materials and how they can assist teachers in planning quality teaching materials.
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Keywords Instructional materials, pedagogy, learners' needs, teacher
Pages 66-71
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