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Volume 7
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-01-16
Title Some hazardous appearances in flotation tailings dumps in domestic mines
Author Blagoj Golomeov, Mirjana Golomeova, Boris Krstev, Alexandar Krstev
Abstract Dangerous and hazardous flotation tailings dams can be source of endangering of living environment. In their normal work and also in case of damages incidents in flotation tailings dams can be caused by natural catastrophe in the area or malfunctions due to unreliable work. Harmful chemicals, which can get to living environment at damages, can cause endangering of ecological factors (soils, water, air) and through them the whole ecosystem of the area. The paper describes the incidents on the tailings dams of the nonferrous mine in the Republic of Macedonia.
Wills, B., 1989. Mineral Processing Technolog, Pergamon Press, pp.686-98

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Keywords Incidents, tailings dams, environment
Pages 80-83
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