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Volume 8
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-08-12
Title Quality management system in trade - internationalization of marketing relations with consumers
Author Sreten Cuzovic, Djordje Cuzovic
Abstract The aim of marketing management is to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers. A lot of factors have influenced the consumers and their purchasing. Besides price and assortment factors there are requirements of consumers to the quality of a product. It means that a product should possess physical, chemical, designing, aesthetic, ecological and other desirable properties that should be expressed before the use of products. Because of this, the quality in the theory and practice of management is beginning to affirm itself. This has been particularly expressed by the introduction of ISO 9000 which makes possible the internationalization of quality system and circulation of goods and services without “physical-fiscal-technical” barriers.
Brown, A., Loughton, K., 2001. “Smaller enterprises experiences with ISO 9000”, International Journal of Quality Management, Vol.15, No.3, pp.273-85

Ćuzović, S., Ivanović, P., 2010. Innovation in retail management, Faculty of Economics, University of Nis 
Keywords Internationalisation, trade, ISO 9000(QMS), ISO 14000(EMS), TQM.
Pages 41-44
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