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Volume 8
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-08-12
Title Evaluation of performance of Solaris Trusted Extensions using containers technology
Author Genti Daci
Abstract Server and system administrators have been concerned about the techniques on how to better utilize their computing resources. Today, there are developed many technologies for this purpose, which consists of running multiple applications and also multiple operating systems on the same hardware, like VMWARE, Linux-VServer, VirtualBox, Xen, etc. These systems try to solve the problem of resource allocation from two main aspects: running multiple operating system instances and virtualizing the operating system environment. Our study presents an evaluation of scalability and performance of an operating system virtualization technology known as Solaris Containers, with the main objective on measuring the influence of a security technology known as Solaris Trusted Extensions. Solaris. We will study its advantages and disadvantages and also the overhead that it introduces to the scalability of the system’s main advantages. 
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Keywords Solaris Containers.
Pages 63-69
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