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Volume 9
Issue 3
Online publication date 2011-11-01
Title Photovoltaic module V-I and P-V characterization through instrumentation control toolkit of MATLAB
Author Genci Sharko, Nako Hobdari, Nike Shanku, Miranda Ekmekciu, Elton Dasho
Abstract This paper describes one experimental method for determining the V-I and P-V characteristic of the photovoltaic modules. The short-circuit current (Isc), open-circuit voltage (Voc) and the filling coefficient are measured, also. Direct characteristics of V-I and P-V curves under solar irradiance are measured and graphed in real time with system proposed for this reason. It describes the development of an automated monitoring system for a solar PV plant based on the use of Instrumentation Control Toolkit of MatLab Software. PV modules still have relatively low conversion efficiency; therefore, determining and controlling maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for the solar array is essential in a PV system. 
Keywords Photovoltaic, V-I characterization, ICT MatLab
Pages 72-77
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