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Title The three revolutions (macro-micro-nano) that are changing the world
Author Ezio Andreta
The world is going through epoch-making changes that are cutting a deep swathe through the way we are, the way we organise our lives and behave, triggered by three consecutive revolutions, macro, micro and nano, sparked by globalisation. We need to follow the continuous thread that runs through them to be able to get to grips with the causes, connections, impacts and trends that will help us live new situations in a profoundly different world, in the Era of Awareness.
These powerful changes will need to be understood in order to harness the opportuni- ties they have to offer and to be able to reorganise our socio-economic system along the lines of a new responsible and sustainable development model that will amalgamate growth, competitiveness, employment and quality of life.
Changes that have steadily impacted on all levels of society, triggering discontinuity, broken paradigms and serious hardship. A Copernican revolution destined to change our habits and behaviour, that will also influence the way we live and the way we build.
Keywords Globalization; Innovation; Macro-Micro-Nanotechnology; Sustainable development; International competitiveness; Smart systems
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