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Title Does the market demand a different kind of research?
Author Romano Del Nord
The current situation calls for research to be directed towards strategic objectives for recovery aimed at the transferability of results. For technological research in architecture, this involves analysing critical situations in the processes of transforming the built environment and, in the first place, in the construction of public works. The article identifies them as the conflict between the main decision-making areas and the inefficiency of the procedural mechanisms introduced to overcome them. The assumption is the recovery of an ethical dimension, but research has a duty to promote a technical and managerial culture, which is currently lacking, and to develop tools that facilitate informed consultation among the players. Even at international level, priority should be given to acting on organizational process models that highlight transdisciplinary collaboration principles in real time and throughout the entire development of an intervention programme.

Keywords Building and Construction Process; Project Management; Organization models; Knowledge management; Collaborative Tools
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