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Title The crisis and the Social Housing chance
Author Dora Francese, Claudio Grimellini, Cristian Filagrossi Ambrosino
The present paper, dealing with the residential architecture sector in Europe, is aimed at outlining the authors’ work upon the subject of the Social Housing, by means of some research hints carried out during the latest years in partnership with the Campania Region and the local IACP. Moreover the restrictions and the potentialities are underlined for a complex but fundamental building sector such as the social buildings, within which Local Authorities as well as Enterprises should interact in a synergic way, so as to find the right balance between private benefit and public welfare, by means of an analysis of the present critical situation and definition of the new basis for eco-sustainable technologies as a possible solution for re-funding a more human concept of «home».

Keywords Bio-architecture; Social Housing; Building process; Bio-compatibility; Eco-sustainable technologies
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