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Title A sustainable building product: advanced insulation panels obtained by recycling regional sheep’s wool
Author Daniela Bosia, Roberto Giordano, Lorenzo Savio
The article deal with an ongoing research aimed at developing an advanced self-bearing panel, fitted for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, derived from the reuse and recycling of local sheep wool. The development of a supply chain of environmentally friendly products (a self bearing panel made of 100% wool) encourages, on the one hand, the use of a material so far classified in Italy as special waste and, on the one other, provides new opportunities for a sheepfarming that it is now going through an economic recession, with positive effects on the mountain and the hill landscape.

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International Wool Textile Organisation, Florence Meeting, June.
Keywords Recycling wool sheep; Wool advanced production; Ecological insulation material; Landscape maintenance; Sustainable production chain
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