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Title Re-Innovating. Technological research contribution in the recovery of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baranzate
Author Anna Mangiarotti, Ingrid Paoletti
The recovery project of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baranzate, by Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Morassutti, with Aldo Favini for structures, built in 1956, and now in charge by Giulio Barazzetta, Anna Mangiarotti, Ingrid Paoletti, Tito Neri for structures and Giancarlo Chiesa for hvac, has requested a high technological effort in order to identify the technical options in order to ‘re-innovate’ on this building. The aim is to increase performances and internal comfort, while maintaining the original concept of the church. The deteriorated envelope will be changed with a façade envelope in steel dry assembled and a triple glazed unit high performance and with face fritted surfaced in order to reproduce the original architectural effects. Thanks to hvac, performances are radically improved.

Barazzetta, G. e Dulio, R. (2009), Bruno Morassutti. 1920-2008 opere e progetti, Electa, Milano, I.
Burkhardt, F. (2010), Angelo Mangiarotti, Opera completa, Motta editore, Milano, I.
Redazionale (1959), “Una chiesa di vetro in Lombardia”, Domus, 351, pp.134-167.
Keywords Modern recovery; Innovative technologies; Construction industry; Technological research; Advanced construction systems
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