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The Acta GGM Debrecina The Acta GGM Debrecina is the official professional journal of the Institute of Earth Sciences University of Debrecen ISSN 1788-4497 (PRINT) Journal metadata

Sample articles
  • Aims and scope

    The Acta GGM Debrecina is the official professional journal of the Institute of Earth Sciences University of
    Debrecen. The primary object of the Series is to present the results of geological, geomorphological and physical geographical methodical, thematic and regional researches and domestic and international co-operations carried out in the Institute.

  • Profile

    The editorial board accepts publications from other domestic and foreign authors as well assuming that it fills the requirements considering both content and form. Besides articles short reports, reviews, event reports and book reviews are also published.

  • Editors


    J. Szabó (Debrecen, Hungary)


    M. Kozák (Debrecen, Hungary)
    J. Lóki (Debrecen, Hungary)


    Á. Dávid (Eger, Hungary)
    L. Dávid (Gyöngyös, Hungary)
    J. Földessy (Miskolc, Hungary
    M. Földvári (Budapest, Hungary)
    P. Rózsa (Debrecen, Hungary)
    Á. Tóth-Makk (Budapest, Hungary)
    I. Viczián (Budapest, Hungary)

  • Guide to authors

    The official language of the journal is English and English. In exceptional cases – manuscripts attracting mainly local or regional interest – Hungarian language is acceptable. In this case 5-30 rows of English abstract should be attached to the manuscript.

    The length of the manuscripts is not limited but it has to be in accordance with the content and editors may oblige the authors to cut or extend the manuscript. In case the manuscript exceeds 15 pages together with illustrations a fee of 10 euros per excess pages has to be paid to contribute to the costs of publishment. The costs of publication of large pages and colour illustrations are due to the authors. Preparing the English or Hungarian text or abstracts and the digital figures are the tasks of the authors.

    For reviewing the submitted manuscripts the editors ask 1-2 reviewers. Manuscripts sent back for improvement to the authors should be re-submitted within three weeks.

    Title English, 12 pt, garamond, bold, middle
    Title Hungarian: 12 pt, garamond, italic, middle, single spacing 9 pt spacing

    Author(s), 12 pt, italic, middle, numbering with upper indexes int he case of several authors where appropriate, single spacing

    9 pt spacing

    Affiliations with full address, 9 pt, italic, middle, single spacing

    9 pt spacing

    Abstract Hungarian – 9 pt, garamond, normal, justified, single spacing, max. 30 rows

    9 pt spacing

    Abstract English – 9 pt, garamond, normal, justified, single spacing, max. 30 rows

    9 pt spacing

    Key words – 9 pt, garamond, normal, justified, single spacing, max. 5.

    Subtitle(s): 10 pt, garamond, bold, middle, single spacing

    10 pt spacing

    Bulk text: 10 pt, garamond, normal, single spacing, 0.63 cm paragraphs, double columns (width of the columns: 8.15 cm, spacing between the columns: 0.7 cm).

    Sheet setup: edges (upper and lower 2.5 cm; right and left 1.5 cm; bonding 1 cm; the place of bonding is on the left)

    Figures: 10 pt spacing in front and after, title 10 pt, italic, middle spaced. Figures should be of 600 dpi quality in TIFF or JPG format, greyscale embedded in the text and separately as well. Figures should be placed within the columns (max. width: 8.15 cm) if they are still visible in this form. If not, then continuous section brakes should be inserted in front and after the figures. Figure and Table captions should be written in both English and Hungarian.
    If the size of the manuscript together with the illustrations exceeds a 5,0 MB then the authors are asked to send the figures separately marking their exact place in the text. References to illustrations are italic (e.g.: Fig. 1, Table 1).

    References: in brackets, small capital, e.g.: (STANLEY 2000), in the case of two authors e.g.: (ROBERT & GAUSS 2000), in the case of several authors e.g.: (ROBERT et al. 2000).

    Reference list: author(s) (10 pt small capital) year: title (10 pt, normal) – title of the issue (10 pt, normal, or italic if the issue is a journal) – press, place of printing, pages (in the case of a complete document e.g.: 500 p.; in the case of one page e.g.: p. 500; in the case of several pages within one document e.g.: 425–431 for example:
    HOOIJKAAS, G.R., GENTER, A., DEZAYES, CH. 2006: Deepseated geology of the granite intrusions at the Soultz EGS site based on data from 5 km-deep boreholes. Geothermics 35, 484–506.
    In the case of values, dimensions are not separated from values (e.g.: 15kg).

    Page numbering is not asked.

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