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Sample articles
  • Aims and scope

    The AMJ has been established to publish material from a broad base of medical and paramedical researchers / experts. We publish a variety of papers ranging from research and audit through to discussion and opinion pieces. We are especially keen to receive papers from new experts including students. Above all the AMJ adheres to the highest standards in research with particular emphasis on the novelty of ideas but also the methodological and ethical rigor.

  • Profile

    The AMJ operates a policy of open peer review. This means that the identity of authors and reviewers may be disclosed.

    Submitted manuscripts will be sent to peer reviewers, unless they are either out of scope or below threshold for the journal, or the presentation or written English is of an unacceptably low standard. They will generally be reviewed by two experts with the aim of reaching a first decision as soon as possible. Statistical reviewers are also used where required. Reviewers are asked to declare any competing interests and have to agree to open peer review, which works on two levels: the authors receive the signed report and, if the manuscript is published, the same report is available to the readers.

    Reviewers are asked whether the manuscript is scientifically sound and coherent, how interesting it is and whether the quality of the writing is acceptable. Where possible, the final decision is made on the basis that the peer reviewers are in accordance with one another, or that at least there is no strong dissenting view. In cases where there is strong disagreement either among peer reviewers or between the authors and peer reviewers, advice is sought from a member of the journal's Editorial Board. The journal allows a maximum of two revisions of any manuscript. All appeals should be directed to the Editor. The ultimate responsibility for editorial decisions lies with the Editor-in-Chief.

    Once an article is accepted, it is published in AMJ immediately as a provisional PDF file. The paper will subsequently be published in a formatted PDF. The article will then be available through AMJ.

  • Indexing

    The AMJ is indexed on the following databases: DOAJ, EBSCO, Genamics journalseek, ProQuest, Index Copernicus, Open J-Gate, Intute, Global health and CAB Abstracts databases, MedWorm, Scopus, Socolar

  • Editors

    Editorial Board

    Moyez Jiwa, Curtin University of Technology
    Ian Frazer, Queensland Cancer Fund
    Prof. B. M HedgeIndia, Manipal University
    Nicholas A. Christakis, Harvard Medical School
    Professor Wei Wang, Capital Medical University
    Chris Loftus, American Academy of Neurological Surgery

  • Guide to authors

    Submission process

    Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript, and should not be submitted by anyone on their behalf. Submitting authors should first register with the journal and log on before making the submission. Submissions can be made on the 'User Home ' tab.The submitting author takes responsibility for the article during submission and peer review.To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, AMJ accepts only online submission. The submission process is compatible with version 3.0 or later of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and with most other modern web browsers. It can be used from PC, Mac, or Unix platforms. Files can be submitted as a batch, or one by one. The submission process can be interrupted at any time - when users return to the site, they can carry on where they left off. Files up to 3 Mega bites can be submitted. Assistance with the process of manuscript preparation and submission is available from the editor.
    Authors wishing to submit papers to the AMJ should use the templates listed below, papers not received in this format from Jan 2010 will be rejected:

    Research paper

    Case study

    Letter to the Editor

    All other submissions

    Please note: Do not deviate from the fonts or the font sizes in the template. You are welcome to use colour in your figures, photos or tables.

    You may also submit multimedia presentations. Please follow the instructions below.

    Authors who publish in AMJ retain copyright to their work. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, by submitting a manuscript to this Journal, you are granting permission to the Journal to license the material for full text republication and indexing by organizations with which the Journal has a licensing agreement. There are no royalties to be paid to any authors. Our goal is to provide the widest possible dissemination of this material to the world. Correspondence concerning articles published in AMJ is encouraged through the online comment system. Please note the following:

    1. Your submission should Include every listed authors' affiliations. If medical writers have been employed, it is important that their role be acknowledged explicitly. We suggest wording such as 'We thank John Smith who provided medical writing services on behalf of the investigators listed in this project.'

    2. Include a word count, figure and table count if appropriate.

    3. Submission of a manuscript to AMJ implies that all authors have read and agreed to its content, and that any experimental research that is reported in the manuscript has been performed with the approval of an appropriate ethics committee. Research carried out on humans must be in compliance with the Helsinki Declaration, and any experimental research on animals must follow internationally recognized guidelines. A statement to this effect must appear in the Methods section of the manuscript, including the name of the body which gave approval, with a reference number where appropriate. Informed consent must also be documented.

    4. We ask authors of AMJ papers to complete a declaration of competing interests, which should be provided as a separate section of the manuscript, to follow the Acknowledgements. Where an author gives no competing interests, the listing will read 'The author(s) declare that they have no competing interests'.

    5. Please submit your paper in the appropriate category as listed in the AMJ sections.

    6. Do not submit copyrighted or plagiarised material, this includes screen shots of other websites. If in doubt remove any such material from the manuscript.

    7. For all articles that include information or clinical photographs relating to individual patients, written and signed consent from each patient to publish must also be mailed or faxed to the editorial staff. The manuscript should also include a statement to this effect in the Acknowledgements section, as follows: 'Written consent for publication was obtained from the patient or their relative'.

    8. The AMJ supports initiatives to improve the performance and reporting of clinical trials, part of which includes prospective registering and numbering of trials. While there are initiatives to ensure that all clinical trials are registered (most notably the recent statement from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors - see, we are focusing on controlled trials of healthcare interventions, for now. Authors of protocols or reports of controlled trials of health care interventions must register their trial prior to submission in a suitable publicly accessible registry. The trial registers that currently meet all of the ICMJE guidelines can be found at The trial registration number should be included as the last line of the abstract of the manuscript.

    9. The AMJ also supports initiatives aimed at improving the reporting of biomedical research. Checklists have been developed for randomized controlled trials (CONSORT), systematic reviews (QUOROM), meta-analyses of observational studies (MOOSE), diagnostic accuracy studies (STARD) and qualitative studies (RATS). Authors are requested to make use of these when drafting their manuscript and peer reviewers will also be asked to refer to these checklists when evaluating these studies.

    10. The AMJ can only accept manuscripts written in English. Spelling should be in British English. There is no explicit limit on the length of articles submitted, but authors are encouraged to be concise. There is no restriction on the number of figures, tables or additional files that can be included with each article online. Figures and tables should be sequentially referenced. Authors should include all relevant supporting data with each article. AMJ may edit submitted manuscripts for style or language; reviewers may advise rejection of a manuscript if it is compromised by grammatical errors. Authors are advised to write clearly and simply, and to have their article checked by colleagues before submission. In-house copyediting will be minimal. Non-native speakers of English may choose to make use of a copyediting service.

    11. The AMJ aims to publish papers within 4 weeks of submission; we rely on reviewers to make their comments within a two week time frame and authors to respond to comments soon thereafter. Whilst we cannot guarantee these time lines, where we have experienced delays in the past there has usually been a delayed response to reviewers comments. We also operate a policy of 'open' peer review. In other words the identity of the authors and reviewers may be disclosed to each other.

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