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Sample articles
  • Aims and scope

    The Arbutus Review is an annual peer-reviewed compilation of outstanding research papers/articles/multimedia projects written or developed by undergraduates from all disciplines at the University of Victoria. It provides a forum for the best researchers to showcase their work to their fellow students, the campus community, high schools, funding agencies and corporations/organizations about the strength of student researchers. Submitting papers to the Arbutus Review exposes students to scholarly journal writing, which is valuable not only for graduate and professional schools, but also for all careers.

  • Profile

    Submissions to the Arbutus Review are blind peer-reviewed by at least one instructor and one graduate student. These reviewers graciously share their time and expertise so that the Arbutus Review can select, guide, and publish the best of undergraduate research at the University of Victoria.

    The Arbutus Review is published annually in October.  The Call for Papers for the Arbutus Review is announced to all faculty and undergraduates in the spring term. Manuscripts are submitted online by June 15 each year, and reviewed over the summer (July & August). 

    The Arbutus Review is published under the Open Access model (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license) and is therefore free for anybody to read and download, and to copy and disseminate for educational purposes.)

  • Editors

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Sonya Bird, University of Victoria
    Dr. Laurel Bowman, University of Victoria
    Dr. Brendan Burke, University of Victoria
    Dr. Catherine Caws, University of Victoria
    Dr. Daniela Constantinescu, University of Victoria
    Teresa Dawson, Learning & Teaching Centre
    Dr. Eric Higgs, University of Victoria
    Dr. Valerie Irvine, University of Victoria
    Dr. Janelle Jenstad, University of Victoria
    Dr. Jo-Anne Lee, University of Victoria
    Dr. Catherine Mateer, University of Victoria
    Sandra Meigs, University of Victoria
    Dr. Patti-Jean Naylor, University of Victoria
    Lori Nolt, University of Victoria
    Dr. Lisa Surridge, University of Victoria
    Dr. Michael Webb, University of Victoria

  • Guide to authors

    Submission Guidelines

    The Arbutus Review welcomes the submission of manuscripts of 25 pages or less of creative/original work from all academic disciplines.

    In order to have your work considered for publication, you need to have been a full-time student or on co-op for one semester in the twelve months prior to the June 15th deadline. For example, if your last semester at UVic ended in August of the previous year, you can submit your manuscript. If, however, your last semester at UVic ended in April over the previous year, your work is not publishable in the Arbutus Review.  

    Article template (Word 2007)

    It is expected that submissions to the journal:

    - will follow the APA Style guide, 6th edition, for citations and references,
    - will follow the Canadian Oxford Dictionary for spelling,
    - will be organized/sectioned in a manner that maximizes both the substance and clarity of the document for an interdisciplinary audience,
    - will be a paper, article,essay, installation or project that demonstrates scholarship appropriate to the field of study,
    - will be in English or French,
    - will not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    Manuscripts will be evaluated based on the above, plus:

    - an acceptable level of English or French grammar
    - the structure of the document enhances its readability
    - the article/paper addresses an interdisciplinary audience

    Manuscripts are further evaluated with respect to originality, academic and practical relevance, thoroughness, accuracy, consistency, credibility and proper APA Style referencing and should be consistent throughout.

    Paper Structure

    Your paper must include these elements, in addition to the body of the paper:

    - Title page
    - Abstract (100-200 words)
    - Key terms list
    - Acknowledgements
    - Reference List

    Good Writing

    Reviewers will judge your paper not only for the quality of your research, but also the quality of your writing. It is important for your paper to be well written and free from spelling, punctuation, grammatical and other writing errors.

    Layout Requirements

    Submitted papers must conform to these standards:

    - Microsoft Word or RTF
    - 25 page maximum
    - Tmes New Roman, 12 point font
    - Double spaced (Abstract must be single spaced)
    - One inch margins
    - References in APA citation style.

    Paper Structure

    Your paper must include a Title Page, an Abstract, Key Terms, Introduction, Acknowledgements and Reference sections, in addition to the manuscript body. The following sections describe these parts of the paper.

    Title Page

    The tile page must include the following:

    - Student name(s) and UVic email address
    - Paper title
    - Professor(s) or mentor(s) who guided and/or supported the research and its submission, and his/her/their home department(s)


    The abstract must include sufficient information for readers to judge the nature and significance of the topic, the adequacy of the investigative strategy, the nature of the results, and the conclusions. An abstract summarizes the substantive results of the work, not merely list topics that are discussed in the paper. It should be between 100 and 200 words in length.

    Abstracts should be:

    - In Microsoft Word or RTF
    - In Times New Roman font, size 12
    - No more than 200 words in length
    - Single-spaced and a single paragraph


    The introduction provides the information needed to understand the rest of the paper. It should inform the reader as to the topic of the paper, its relevance in the field, and to whom the paper would be of interest, in the broadest sense.

    Manuscript Body

    Organize the body of the paper carefully. Subdivide the body into sections to emphasize both content and clarity. Use headings and subheadings to make the organization clear.


    Thank the people/organizations who have supported the research and acknowledge funding sources where applicable.

    Works Cited/Reference List

    All resources – people, journal, pamphlets, etc – must be referenced.

    References must be in the APA citation format. TAPA citation style handbooks are available in print and online via the UVic Libraries.

  • Contact

    Mailing Address

    Learning and Teaching Centre
    University of Victoria
    PO Box 1700 STN CSC
    Victoria BC
    V8W 2Y2

    Principal Contact

    Laurie Waye, PhD
    Managing Editor
    Director of the Writing Centre University of Victoria
    Learning and Teaching Centre
    University of Victoria
    PO Box 1700 STN CSC
    Victoria BC
    V8W 2Y2
    Phone: 250-472-5662

    Support Contact

    Inba Kehoe

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